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GROUP OF 10-12 PEOPLE FOR SOUND HEALING. Currently a limit of 7 people

  • 2 hours
  • 15 British pounds
  • Location 1

Service Description

WILL I ENJOY A SOUND BATH? If you like music guided meditations, listening to birdsong, walks in nature, yoga and meditation, you will enjoy a sound bath. WHAT DOES A SOUND BATH DO? A Sound Bath can help relieve minor conditions like headaches, stress, neck pain, overthinking, back pain, minor joint pain Comments people have made after a Sound Bath: “I feel soohhh relaxed now” “It’s sort of like meditating, but without having to meditate.” “I wish I could feel like this all the time.” “My shoulders much looser now.” WHAT HAPPENS IN A SOUND BATH WITH ROISE? Roise create beautiful etherial effects by playing her Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, healing gongs, soft drums, and her voice. All the sounds are live. The intention is to bring people back into a state of health and relaxation. There is a guided relaxation to start with. People have the opportunity to think of the positive outcome they are hoping for. Then Roise plays the sounds according to her intuition and the needs of the group. When the sounds have finished there is plenty of time to remain in a state of calm before having to move. Roise provides water and a snack to help you ground before you leave. The sounds are very gentle and relaxing. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SOUND BATH AND A GONG BATH? A Gong Bath is often held in a bigger space than a Sound Bath. Gongs are generally louder, and can fill up a larger hall with sound. Sound bath instruments are generally smaller and can be softer in sound. Sound baths are often held in smaller and more intimate spaces. Roise plays sounds very gently. You will feel comfortable in allowing yourself to relax into the sounds. IS A SOUND BATH SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE? Certain conditions are far more effectively treated in individual sessions. This includes medically diagnosed conditions and difficult personal issues. If you have severe anxiety, migraines, chronic long term conditions, sever acute conditions or difficult personal issues then individual personalised one-to-one sessions with Roise will be more appropriate for you. Roise welcomes you for an chat about what she might be able to do to help you. This may be by phone or in-person. You can contact Roise on 07511 621 856

Contact Details

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