Roise (pronounced Roe-sha)


I use Sound Therapy together with my 20 years of experience to help people.

My clients are often people who have got to the end of their tether with a personal issue. Their mind is constantly worrying and replaying the difficulties. They can experience tight painful neck muscles and often their back is sore. Sometime they have difficulty sleeping and they get frequent headaches or migraines.

They yearn for peace and clarity and want to see a positive way forward.

The gentle sounds I play soothe and relax the mind, and naturally the body relaxes too.

Stress and tension seem to dissolve away leaving a deep sense of well being.

Within a few sessions clients often report a marked decrease or even absence of headaches and migraines. Neck and back usually become more relaxed, and these can be further treated using tuning forks on the body.

Often sleep is much improved.

People usually become far more relaxed about the issue they first came with and they gain insights into the way forward for themselves.

Most people like to have longer sessions.

This allows time to talk about the issues which are bothering them. This in itself can itself can bring insights. The aim is for a positive outcome of some kind. The gentle nurturing sounds help to open the way for a new positive way of living.

“Roise’s sound healing is indeed one of the most transformative and far reaching therapies that I’ve encountered."

"Roise’s calm, reflective and supportive nature, offer a space of harmony, acceptance and trust.

Her caring presence and deep listening create the perfect setting in which to safely explore both personal and relationship issues."

"I found in Roise a dedicated professional facilitator of the healing power of sound – truly remarkable!

Thank you Roise.”

Clara, with kind permission.

Originally from Australia,

Roise Taught Crystal Healing at the Crystal Academy, Adelaide and Subtle Body Dynamics.  

Practiced Reiki 1 & 2. Uses yoga, mudras, mantras, meditation for herself