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Become a Certified Sound Therapist


Live Interactive Online Workshop

June 21st - 15th July

8 Interactive online sessions.

16 hours of personal tuition and group instruction. 

Supported by online video training in the Academy of Sound Healing Learning Portal.

This is foundational training in Sound Healing to help your friends, family, yourself and your clients.

It is also the first step to becoming a practitioner of Sound Healing: Multi Instruments. 

You will learn healing techniques using Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, the healing voice, drums, gongs and crystal bowls. 

This is a wonderful introduction to the power of Sound Healing, and in itself can be a transformational workshop.

This is what Gwyneth said:

“I honestly loved every aspect of this course, the preparation, the workshop, the handbook and the videos. It is very thorough, explaining the science and the magic.

"I liked the fact that the coaching call was included - it was very helpful to talk to Roise.  

I particularly enjoyed the practical workshop, and working under Roise’s kind and loving guidance. It was a very calm and heart-centred space.

It enabled me to have real transformation and growth over the 4 days that we all spent together. “

Gwyneth Norton

Click the link below for more information. It takes you to Roise's workshop page on the Sound Healing Academy website.