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Sound Healing Harmonize Your Being, Create Positive Outcomes.

private sound therapy session

Become a Sound Therapist


Learn Sound Therapy for your well-being or add to other healing modalities.

learn how to do sound therapy in this workshop

Sound Baths & Drum Meditation


Sound slows the brain waves into relaxation by stimulating the body to produce healing and relaxing hormones.

sound therap events

"Roise, is firstly, the most wonderful, gentle and wise listener and her words have been as healing and helpful as her Sounds."  - S

"After each treatment I felt progressively more positive in my outlook.  I became more mobile and was able to walk futher without pain."  - Pam

"I very much enjoyed the sounds themselves as they filled my head and displaced the incessant chatter and noise that lived there."  - T

"I had a virtual session with Roise which was extremely effective at letting go of past trauma.  The two hours flew by and I appreciated being at home and not having to travel afterwards.  I am looking forward to my next one." J

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